University Tennis Placement is passionate about helping educate junior tennis players and their families, making them aware of all the different options to attend the best suited university possible, and providing them with the best service every step of the way.

UTP consultations include these points and much more. 
  • Act as conduit for matching both student athlete with college coaches so both parties needs are met.
  • Matching client with universities that meets their academic, athletic, geographic, and financial needs.
  • In-depth knowledge of the recruiting and admissions processes.
  • An eye for detail with the evolving NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA rules and regulations.
  • Leverage our relationships built with a vast network of college coaches nationwide.
  • Assistance with scholarship options and guidance to college financing resources.
  • Assistance with NCAA Clearinghouse registration to become compliant.
  • Assistance with video, player resume, and letter to coach.

The Placement Package

Many of the top academic institutions, such as Ivy League schools, do not provide tennis scholarships. Playing for the tennis team may be the edge to get you into your school of choice. 

Price: $3,500

Did You Know?
  • The collegiate application process has become highly competitive. According to research colleges/universities across the board are more difficult to acquire regular acceptance for enrollment, even if you are fully qualified.
  • Throughout the US the pool of applicants are continually increasing both in state, out of state, and yes, internationally.
  • An increase in the pool of applicants and a static or decrease in acceptance rates is a daunting reality.
  • The cost of education continuously increases and many are in debt for years after completing university.
  • In 2010, acceptance rates at the top 5 liberal arts schools was 16.8%. The average acceptance rates in the top 5 Ivy League schools was 8%, with Harvard accepting 6.9%.
  • Athletes Edge: Student Athletes have a great advantage over the average student in the admissions process. Recruited athletes have a 48% greater chance of being accepted versus the average student.
  • The average SAT score for enrolled student athletes is many times well below that of the average student. In some cases 300 points less on a 2400 point scale.
  • Early decision: at the more elite academic schools, nearly two thirds of all recruited athletes are now accepted under early decision programs, much higher than the general applicant pool.

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